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              Customer Service  0086-0512-67418306
              Who We Are

              EVERSAFE respirator since 2007

              Eversafe Protection Co.,Ltd. Is a professional global mask supplier committing itself to the field of Personal Protective Equipments. The company was fir stly established in 2007. We have more than 50 varieties of products at present. Our products are sold to 50 countries and regions including French, America, Japan, Australia and European and so on. Also we welcome OEM/ODM modes of production.

              • CUL TURE
              • HONOR
              • CONCEPT
              OUR CASES
              The Eversafe masks are m ade of PP materials and have excellent design and strict quality control. Sincerely we hope Eversafe mask will be your best choice!


              Cone Type Mask with valve

              Vertical Flat Fold Type Mask with valve

              Cone Type Disposable Mask

              Flat-Fold Type Disposable Mask

              CONTACT US

              ADD:  Room2814, Locca Tower, Suzhou Industrial-Park,
                  Jiangsu Province, China
              P.C:  215000 TEL:  0086-0512-67418306 CEL:  0086-013951108306 FAX:  0512-67418306*808 E-MAIL:  sale_protection@vip.sina.com
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