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              Customer Service  0086-0512-67418306
              FFP1 NR D
                CE standard FFP1New Style mask with carbon layer valve and no mental used.
                Soft and comfortable inter layer. Pre-shaped nose cushion. Cool latex-free cloth head strap. Easy 
                    wearing and storage.
                FFP1 disposable particulate respirators are approved for use against solid and liquid aerosols
                    according to EN149:2001.
                They are suitable for protection against non-toxic harmful materials in concentrations up to
                     4 X OEL or 4 X AP F.
                Recommended applications : textile industry, craft work ,iron and steel industry, mining, underground 
                    civil engineering and woodworking...etc.
                    Ctn size:69*29*34CM
                    G.W./ N.W. :8KGS/6KGS


              Cone Type Mask with valve

              Vertical Flat Fold Type Mask with valve

              Cone Type Disposable Mask

              Flat-Fold Type Disposable Mask

              CONTACT US

              ADD:  Room2814, Locca Tower, Suzhou Industrial-Park,
                  Jiangsu Province, China
              P.C:  215000 TEL:  0086-0512-67418306 CEL:  0086-013951108306 FAX:  0512-67418306*808 E-MAIL:  sale_protection@vip.sina.com
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