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          1. Customer Service  0086-0512-67418306
              CE standard FFP1 Vertical Flat Fold Type Disposable Mask with carbon layer and valve.
              FFP1 disposable particulate respirators are approved for use against solid and liquid aerosols
                  according to En149:2001.
              They are suitable for protection against non-toxic harmful materials in concentrations up to 4 X OEL or
                   4 X APF.
              Recommended applications : textile industry, craft work ,iron and steel industry, mining, underground
                  civil engineering and woodworking...etc.
                  Ctn size:61.5*28*31.5CM
                  G.W./ N.W. :5KGS/3KGS


            Cone Type Mask with valve

            Vertical Flat Fold Type Mask with valve

            Cone Type Disposable Mask

            Flat-Fold Type Disposable Mask

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